1. If it has not been said allow me to say it, thank you to the police force downtown last night. You protected our right to gather and take a stand. #DALLASPD I thank you #dontshootdallas

  2. #DontShootDallas

  3. #DontShootDallas be there

  4. But I can only speak for myself

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    Something there? OMG!

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    When she find out dat u’re broke ! LMFAO

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  10. #QuickPics with @sittingpretty_28 displaying the great talent of @raeofbeauti. Check out more of her work 👉 @hairbymzrae

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    my white protesters please remember that you’re rarely at the same risk we are when you stand up for what is right

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    Jay-Z’s reactions brings the BIGGEST smile to my face.

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  13. A problem in fashion is not the problem unfortunately. A suit in the is not bullet proof, nor is a saying pair of sagging pants a bulls eye. Picture 1 may help but is not the solution. Don’t get confused

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    Baltimore Police Claim Handcuffed Man [Tyree Woodson] Shot Himself in Jail

    Read more » http://bit.ly/1qXcqsF

    Either they think we are very stupid, or know they won’t be held accountable - either way, this is some serious BS!

    This is not the first time either.

    They claimed a handcuffed kid who was left handed shot himself in the head from the right in FL.

    At this point, I don’t even think they think we’re stupid. They just don’t CARE. They have proven over and over again they can get away with this shit. They don’t NEED to come up with plausible evidence. They go on unpaid leave and go back to terrorizing Black communities. 

    Another similar situation occurred this year in Louisiana, when 22-year-old Victor White, III was killed with a gun in the back of a police car while handcuffed, that case too was ruled a suicide, even though he was shot in the back.”


    Man man man

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    Ferguson PD be like.


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